Russian Dating Culture

When age approaches 30, and happiness does not hurry, you understand that it is time to move in this direction somehow. Nowadays, the time of digital technology, people get to know and dating on the Internet, start a family and live together. But for your acquaintance to become successful, we advise you to get acquainted with Russian dating culture.

We associate marriage with a Russian girl or a man with high hopes and expectations for you. You want to find a decent, reliable and prosperous Russian partner with whom you can live to old age, raise children and find peace of mind. You also need to offer something to the Russian girl in return. She will know your spiritual qualities and the rich inner world only after close acquaintance. And first, it is worthwhile to interest in Russian dating culture. So, you hiccuped happiness on dating sites. You discarded all the stereotypes that a real acquaintance can only happen in reality and that the Internet is one complete scam and … registered. Do not forget about Russian dating culture!

Russian Dating Culture

Russian Dating Etiquette: Who Writes First?

The Russian dating culture sphere is, in principle, less dogmatic than traditional communication. Therefore, in Russian dating culture, there are no conventions that a guy should always be the first. But, you should not be afraid that your initiative will be perceived, because according to statistics, 80% of Russian girls are looking for serious relationships. It happens that both sides go into silence and wait for someone to write first. To prevent this from happening, you can leave a “hint” to your couple in your profile.

Russian Dating Customs: How To Make Communication As Comfortable As Possible?
Russian dating communication has come to a standstill: in such cases, you can ask a few questions about your match. This will show your interest and help continue the conversation. One more tip about Russian dating culture: Don’t be afraid to diversify your communication with emoticons and GIFs. According to statistics, messages that use GIFs are 30% more likely to receive a response, and conversations using GIFs last two times longer than those that do not contain them. And do not be afraid to inform the Russian chewing gum if you do not want to continue communication. You can always delete a match or complain about a person’s profile for inappropriate communication.

In the process of Russian dating conversations and acquaintances, it is useful to identify those things crucial for you when choosing a partner. For example, if it is important for you that a Russian man has a stable job, you can ask how he chose his specialty and how much he loves his job. If you need to understand how your interests coincide, ask what he does in his free time: he goes in for sports, goes to the movies, plays games, etc.

Best Russian Dating Sites

Today, online dating in Russia has not yet gained such popularity as in other countries. But despite this, in large cities (Moscow and St. Petersburg) some girls prefer online dating. What sites to use and how to communicate? Read our tips about Russian dating culture and make your best to find love on the most popular sites.


VictoriaHearts is one of the most popular online dating sites in Moscow. Here you will find profiles of Russian girls aged 18 to 35 years. You can register on the site through your Facebook profile. Having issued a premium account, you can start the correspondence with any girl you like.


Valentime is another popular dating site, known among more than 20 million Russian users. Here you can adapt your search depending on the seriousness of the relationship, age, interests, and bad habits.

Russian Dating

Other Sites

There are many English speakers in Moscow, and some dating sites (UkrainianCharm, Matchtruly) even offer translation services to help with online conversations. Some of these services are primarily intended for Russian middle-aged women who may have already experienced a divorce or are tired of relationships with their compatriots.

Russian Online Dating Tips

You must understand that most modern dating sites have a fairly large base of profiles of girls, among which most individuals are confident and know how to present themselves in a good light. Do not let your profile get lost. Before registering on a dating site, prepare high-quality photos where you look “one hundred percent”. Dating with Russian girls will wait if you are not sure what to wear. Lose extra pounds, put your skin and hair in perfect condition, and only then begin the path to your happiness.

Purpose Of Dating

Write the truth so that later there will be no disappointment. In order not to find out that the “friendship and communication” with the girl is a hint of a serious relationship, but it all starts with friendship! But the man understood her literally and took the “girlfriend” to a bar to drink beer and watch football. Or a serious relationship a man would not be on the fact of having sex for one night and check-in sexual wins list. Dating sites are not the place to flirt and break. And the innocent passing off of one goal for another can seriously worsen your chances of meeting Russian girls.

Height, Weight, Eye Color, Figure

No need to embellish reality. Not throws yourself five kilos Online: Believe that your clothing does not weigh as much if you weighed it. Do not write that you have athletic build just because you do not fall out from the sides of your jeans. If a woman sees in reality instead of explicitly “sportsman weighing 74 kilos” sprawling body of a hundred pounds, you can as much as necessary to explain to her that you were the champion in freestyle wrestling. Meet it you want now and not your body it is unpleasant, and the fact of fraud. Also, a girl who ascribes to herself the 5th breast size, and wears a bra with huge foam inserts, will cause a wave of indignation as soon as they remove this bra from her.

Financial Position

Be prepared because if you specify that earns a good idea to be more demand from you. It is reasonable that if a man has an income above the average, he will not take the lady to McDonald’s for a cup of cheap coffee, but will be able to afford a decent cafe. The presence of a car means that it is yours or always at your disposal, and not that your friend sometimes gives it a ride when he goes into about.


Oh, how we do not want to be considered as alcoholics and write that “Yes, never! ”But in fact, it turns out that a man with pleasure consumes alcohol and smokes like a pipe of an oil refinery. Write the truth. There will always be a partner who is ready to drop a few glasses with you and take a good cigarette or a fragrant hookah.

Russian Woman

Fill the questionnaire to the maximum. Your profile will remove a lot of questions from Russian girls you are interested in. You do not have to answer a hundred questions if you answer them already in your profile. And remember that the abundance of information in the questionnaire increases confidence in a person. Stealth – on the contrary – the confidence decreases.

Do you want to find the right Russian girl online? Take the time to fill out once all the data. And do not forget to update this data if something has changed. Every six months, upload new photos. You always read the profiles of Russian girls so as not to enter dialogue with those who do not suit you. Be honest and open – and Russian girls will reach for you.


One of the most popular ways to search for a Russian soulmate is to make an acquaintance on the Internet. There are a lot of examples of how Russian people after the long correspondence met and started families. To do this, it is enough to fill out a questionnaire on any Russian dating site and put on display your best photo. On Russian dating sites, there are many completed questionnaires from both men and women. The choice of applicants and those who want to find love is huge, but how can we make it so that men choose your profile? It will require a delicate approach, it will be necessary to take a few simple steps to make the profile attractive to women. Taking advantage of our tips on Russian dating culture and solving issues related to dating and marriage will be easy and simple.