How Much do Russian Brides Cost at Dating Sites

How Much do Russian Brides Cost at Dating Sites

As you might understand, in this article, you won’t find out about the mail order bride cost, but of a service that can help you in finding a bride. If you are planning on dating a Russian woman and eventually marrying her, then you can use a dating online website that will help you to find someone due to your criteria. It’s one of the best approaches and here is why:

Best Russian Dating Sites

When you are using a dating online website, you can be sure that every user is single. People, who have faced a situation when they were rejected by ladies since they were in relationships, know that this is too painful. You can get over it quickly, but why should you suffer if you can avoid it? On online dating websites, everyone is willing to find love.

Russian Women Online Dating

People who register on websites dedicated to arranging marriages are ready to create families. Let’s face it, not everyone is mature enough in his or her 20s to create a family. Some people are not yet ready in their 30s. But on such websites, people have thought about that and it’s not a rash decision. Women know exactly what they want and they value their relationships.

You can meet someone who lives in a different country, who belongs to a different race, nationality, ethnic group, etc. If you always felt like you were attracted to Russian women, you can find Russian brides.

You can find a woman who has similar interests, beliefs, views. Someone said that people with completely different personalities are attracted to each other since they complete each other. But let’s face it, if you are calm and prefer family activities, and she loves parties, active way of life, you are not compatible. Sooner or later you will feel attracted to someone who has similar values and she will find someone who understands her and loves her the way she is. But dating online websites grant you an opportunity to meet a person who shares your views.

Even if you are extremely busy during the week, you will be able to communicate with your online girlfriend. Of course, if you eventually fall in love, you will consider an option to move into one house or apartment.

Breaking up is easier. When dating in real life, you sometimes realize that you are completely different. But you still lose a lot of time since you were dating the wrong person. Online dating allows you to see whether you are compatible. If you are not, you just stop messaging each other or stay friends.

Find Mail Order Bride Pricing at Popular Dating Sites

But what is the cost of using a mail-order bride website? It depends on a website. Some websites are free to use, such as Tinder. But it’s too difficult to find a bride on Tinder, especially when you are looking for a foreign bride. There are different websites dedicated to international dating that cater interests of those who want to arrange an international marriage.

Russian Bride Cost

These websites also might be free, but they are not as safe as paid websites. Here’s the list of the most effective Russian dating sites:

But founders of these websites invest money into the safety of users. Scammers and hackers are disabled from deceiving people or stealing their money through hacker attacks. Russian Bride Cost at these platforms is cheaper than on US sites.

Cost of Dating a Russian Woman

You can also find websites where you can buy a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription. But here is a question – if you need a yearly subscription, does this site worth it? Obviously, it’s not worth your money. If you like a woman, she likes you, most likely you will be communicating via Skype or other apps that allow people to see each other. If you fall in love, you meet in person and you no longer need this website. But if it’s not efficient, you will need to pay for a subscription but you won’t achieve any results.

It’s best to use websites that allow you to buy credits since you buy them specifically to communicate with someone. If you don’t like the website, you can leave it without paying extra money. You can even find someone within a week and communicate with her via Skype. In this case, you save more than 20 dollars since usually, the subscription will cost you more than $30.


So, mail-order bride pricing depends on the website you are using. It’s up to you how to spend your money, but it seems that it’s better to save them using credits. For instance, you can figure out how you can send flowers on top of a message to your girlfriend who lives in another country by using local online-shops, rather than spending them in vain.

It’s better to use a paid online dating website since such a method is more secure. And when you find someone significant, you can visit her country, or she can travel to yours.