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JollyRomance Review

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Probably no person still did not hear anything about online international dating platforms. The reasons for the popularity of such resources are obvious. Nowadays, the average person has a too-busy schedule and spends almost every single day at work and other projects. So there is no time left for finding someone special for spending life together.

About JollyRomance

JollyRomance ReviewSo if you have an aim to find a perfect wife dating platforms become helpful, that is why many loving hearts have already connected via web sites like Jolly Romance that stands in a top of such services. Below you may find a brief review and try to understand what features and specific functions made a leader in the segment.

Easy to Use

JollyRomance InterfaceThe design of JollyRomance was created by a professional team of developers that created a simple interface and a romantic atmosphere. That is why the menu and options can be applied intuitively with a solid level of comfort to work with even for those who are not advanced in dating sites usage. There is nothing superfluous and distracting on the web site’s pages, so you can focus on your goal to find “your only one.”

There are many information sections at the bottom that will help you to know more about the platform and its features, why this platform is one of the best, how everything works here, etc. In case you still have unresolved questions, you can connect the customer support team and ask them personally.


JollyRomance Registration

So, when you acknowledged with the site, its rules, and opportunities, the decision to join can be taken. Registration on JollyRomance is pretty easy and will not take a lot of time. The first thing that you will see when you go to the web site is two windows. The first one – for those who already registered before, so the person can fill in their login and password and sign in to existing account. The second one – for newcomers who would like to create an account and start their search within this platform. To create a new account, you will need to fill in the necessary information about yourself in register form, such as:

Your Gender

What is your gender, and who are you looking for? – web site providing you with four options:

  • I’m a man and looking for a woman
  • I’m a woman and looking for a man
  • I’m a woman and looking for a woman
  • And I’m a man and looking for a man;

Your Name

Your birth date. Some of your close friends from the web site might want to congratulate you with your birthday and send you flowers or gifts, through the platform.

Your Email

Your email address is needed because it will help support team to contact you in case of some issue happened. In the future it will you will have an option to communicate with your close friends out from the site;


Your password should be strong and consists of more than 8 characters, including numbers and upper and lowercase letters.

Accept Terms of Use

Fields for additional information about you and at least a couple of photos. It is optionally, and you can skip this, but it will help other members to get you to know better before writing to you.


JollyRomance Search

There is a large number of people who have already joint to JollyRomance dating website. Everyone has their views and preferences in life and personal matters regarding marriage, so you need to have an opportunity to filter those of them who share your views. That is why the platform has two types of search tools. The first one is as simple as possible because it includes only basic details, such as age. The second one is much more advanced and includes additional detail, such as:

  • Country of origin
  • Bad habits
  • Family status
  • Presence of children etc

In both cases, if you use the simple or advanced search, the web site will show you the list of the most compatible members. So, you will be able to write to them and find out your second half, who is hiding behind one of these profile’s photos. Please note, that all of the profiles were verified by checking personal documents making it legit.

Safety Policy

JollyRomance SafetyJollyRomance team fully understands the importance of creating a safe environment on the platform to make you one hundred percent sure that all of your private personal information is completely protected. So you can focus on seeking your soul mate. The platform has implemented reliable protection measures to raise safety at the highest level.

Probably you heard about many dating resources where foreign girls and women are trying to scam men. So, you will be happy to know that the modern safety system that is working on the web site is checking every single profile on JollyRomance. This system confirms the identity of the person and blocks the profile of the member if any issues find out.

The automatic algorithm is checking every message in chat and letter for compliance rules. But anyway if you notice some spam, suspicious or offensive letters, feel free to complete a complaint form. So the team of the site will check the profile of the person who sent it to you.


JollyRomance PriceJollyRomance aimed at the audience of people who are seeking for their second half. So, to make a platform free from those who want to have fun, the web site uses a paid model. It means that you can visit the web site and see general information in other member’s profiles. But if you would like to chat with someone or use other advanced tools, you will need to buy some credits. The smallest package that you can buy consists of 20 credits, and it will cost 9.99 US dollars.

Each tool or service on the platform has a different price that depends on many factors, such as complexity. So, let’s see how many credits you will need to spend to use some of the services:

  • 2 credits per minute you will need to pay for a chat;
  • 10 credits for the first letter and 30 credits for every next;
  • 25 credits to viewing a video;
  • And 625 credits you will need to pay for a meeting request.

To get more additional information about pricing policy and all the latest information don’t hesitate to check out JollyRomance dating website.

Pros and Cons

Let’s try to make a list of positive and negative things that you can meet while seeking love on JollyRomance. Cons

JollyRomance UsersCons

Let’s start with a list of disadvantages because there are only a couple of them.

  • Security verification for the platform’s members. Yes, it can take some time. But this one and other rules of safety policy provide you with surety that you chat with a real person who is seeking a second half here. Therefore, you are fully protected from fake profiles.
  • Readiness for building long-distance relationships. Everyone at least once heard the thesis that “long-distance relationships are doomed to failure.”  And it is partially true, but only because of a lack of patience and sincere passion for most people who decided to try it. So, if you are one hundred percent sure that you are strong enough to find your true love, distance is no matter.


And what about the advantages of international dating on Jolly Romance:

  • An advanced safety system that makes you sure that your personal information is protected from fraudsters;
  • The web site interface is really easy to work with even for people who have a lack of experience of using a computer;
  • 24/7 support team that is ready to help you with any question and solve any issue;
  • Different search options that help you to find the right person to speak with and, who knows, maybe get married;
  • A significant number of members from all parts of the world with the mutual goal to find true love;
  • Opportunity to use JollyRomance not only on your computer but on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Probably every user that at least once uses JollyRomance will be able to add a couple more advantages to this list.

Customer Support

JollyRomance team seriously cares about web site members and provides them with 24/7 customer support as evidence of it. Whenever you have some question or issue (for example with payment transaction) all that you need is to fill out a complaints form and customer support team will return to you with the best solution. JollyRomance appreciates your time so the team will contact you within the next 48 hours after your request.


After this JollyRomance review you should have enough information to understand would you like to try this new experience or not. Anyway, JollyRomance deservedly recognized as one of the best online international dating platforms. It has a modern safety system, a significant number of members, 24/7 support team, and flawless navigation. Who knows, maybe your second half is creating a profile on this web site at this moment, while you are reading it, so do not miss her or him!

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UkrainianCharm Review

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Modern trends are used to be strange and sometimes frightening. The popularity of feminism growths each year. This has already led to a society full of strong independent women, who want neither to treat patriarchal values, no to accept some generally accepted principles of duties separation. From the one side, it is good to know women have rights and power. But from the other, as the result of such a trend, most of the women lost such vital traits as tenderness, the sentiment of respect, desire to be a good housewife and mother. However, such trends have less impact on certain nations due to the strong appreciation of family values and roots. Ukrainian women can serve as an excellent example of a nation that saves a healthy attitude to marriage and family. Ladies from Ukraine are considered as beautiful women and perfect wives.

About UkrainianCharm

The significant popularity of the UkrainianCharm dating website serves as strong evidence of these points. The service has already helped to become happy together thousands of couples during 10 years of its functioning. In case you are looking for a perfect wife that will share your world view, will respect you and look like a goddess, the review will be helpful a lot.  Below you may find all necessary information regarding its main features, rules, and conditions to decide whether it is worth to try or not.

UkrainianCharm ReviewIn case you are still not sure about relationships held on distance, you may get surprises that international dating has resolved a delicate issue of loneliness for thousands of people. All you need is to create an account, find your match among thousands of Ukrainian ladies and contact her. In case you both will feel attraction and sparkles, the site will help you to appoint the real date. The process is very simple. All you need is time and a strong desire to find true love.


UkrainianCharm site proposes you to fill 5 fields, which will be enough for registration. So there should be specified your name, your email address (will be used further to log in), your age, the aim of registration. Additionally, you may create a password to sign in with it when the profile will be verified.

UkrainianCharm RegistrationAlthough the formal account creation is completed, keeping the profile empty will not help you to meet your half. So you need to fill it answering on the simple proposed question. Be honest, because such information as values, preferences in women, the model of relations you would like to have, is crucial for building strong ties. Additionally, do not forget to add a pic to finish your image. You may skip this step with a pic and send it later personally to special women during communication. But please note that a dating site is a place where all you have are pics, some video, and mails.

It is good to know that the registration step for women is rather complicated. The administration of the site requests for a personal application supported with the ID of the potential bride. These measures are necessary to keep the reputation and provide legit service.  Additionally, a complex verification allows only real people to communicate with each other. No fake profiles, no lie. Just you and the Ukrainian woman of your dreams.


When you have a completed profile, you are ready to start the search for your future bride. You can review any registered at the UkrainianCharm server profile. Ladies specify information for the same questions as were proposed to you, so you can easily find traits you are looking for. To save time for members of the service, its developers created a search tool that allows applying filters regarding meaningful criteria such as age, habits, desire to have children, and so on. This may help users to avoid profiles with irrelevant data and find the right person for further relations.UkrainianCharm Search


The site provides an option to communicate with any UkrainianCharm woman you are attracted to. You may choose to write her a letter and introduce yourself to starting romantic lettering. Or in case you prefer more dynamics in life, the option of the chat will suit you. In the case the lady has a camera, she may turn it on for you, so you will see her emotions while you are chatting.

UkrainianCharm ServicesIntensive lettering makes people closer, so it may happen messages will not be enough over time. However, you may order a skype video call with your girlfriend. The benefits are sound of the voice, live communication and…translation provided by the site. This may be considered as a specific form of an online date before you will arrange the real meeting.

When the communication lasts for a long time, and warm feelings to the lady grow, you may request for personal data for communication out of the site or for meeting planning. By the way, in case your darling doesn’t know the language well, or you have some miscommunication discussing personal visits, you may ask the site for help in meeting arranging.

And as a bonus, the site proposes the surprise-service. It provides a delivery service of special gifts for showing your special attitude and making your darling happy. The site offers simple options like flowers as well as more individual gifts.


While selecting the provider of any online services, it is important to acknowledge the data privacy policy, confidentiality policy, and general agreement for use. UkrainianCharm cares all these aspects and protects the user from any cyber-attacks. In general, the following directions of security service should be considered visiting dating sites:

Data Privacy

During registration, payments, and communication your personal data is going via servers, so theoretically it can be stolen. Happily, UkrainianCharm uses the SSL encoding protocol that provides a reliable level of data protection, so nobody will never have access to any of your data.

Scam Protection

Without matter on do you communicate offline or online, some girls can misbehave scamming you. The site has double protection from such girls.

First of all, there is a special program that automatically checks things communicated by women for fraudulent intention. In case some Policy breaches were identified, the profile will be blocked.UkrainianCharm Safety

Another point is that the program cannot have a helicopter view. So in case, the user feels uncomfortable having doubts lady is a scammer, there is an option to apply Customer Service. So lady will be communicated and will have an interview with the Site Administration. And she will need to prove that she has only serious intention to find a husband and nothing else.

Customer Support

You can contact customer support service regarding any question that may appear at any of the steps you are performing being on the way of perfect wife selection. The service is working 24/7 and will help you to resolve any issue you have. You have 3 possible ways to apply customer service: using the phone, email, or chat window.

Payment Policy

The service of high quality cannot be provided for free. Thus the UkrainianCharm has its Payment Policy and subscription plans. You may choose one from the following plans:

  • 50 credits for $19.99 (available not more than 3 times per month)
  • 125 credits for $44.99
  • 250 credits for $69.99
  • 750 credits for $149.99UkrainianCharm Cost

As you may notice, the more credits you acquire, the cheaper the service provided by the site for you is. However, during the first registration, the service gives free credits to the user for acknowledging with the site and being able to decide will you join it for a long time or not. The credits replenishment may be applied via any banking cards (MasterCard/ Visa/ AMEX) and even using PayPal service that is available for a limited list of countries.

Pros and Cons

Before concluding on Ukrainiancharm review results, let’s make a short Pros/Cons analysis.UkrainianCharm Woman


  • Sophisticated profile verification, all people acting at the site are real;
  • High-Security Service. Neither cyber-attacks, no scammers, no fraudsters;
  • Wide range of options for communication, including live chat, Skype and gifts delivery;
  • Free registration, discount program for loyal members.


  • The search requires time and efforts;
  • There will be a time when you are already in love. However, the distance between you and your darling is still significant. UkrainianCharm dating site could arrange the real meeting for you.


UkrainianCharm is a site that unions couples from the Western World and Slavic countries. The majority of registered ladies are from Ukraine, the country where family values are still treated. It has become popular not only because it is very unique. However, it also has significant security measures starting from profiles validation and ending by using a complex encoding system to protect users’ data. Ukrainian Charm is a reputable and reliable site that is successfully helping halves to find each other for more than the last 10 years. It is certainly worth to try!

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LoveSwans Review

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Modern life dictates its conditions. Currently, to find the right person and build together strong relationships is a big deal. There are 2 the most common cases that may happen when you are still single. The first one is you are too busy at work, aiming to create a strong personal financial position, so you have no time for personal life. The second one means you have already spent the most valuable years of your life with the wrong person/earning money/being not ready for the family. Anyway, the decision was developed decades ago, when the Internet has become available, and dating platforms were created. LoveSwans Review

Nowadays you may use 2 types of services: the first one will seek a pair for you in the nearest location. The second one is more radical and proposes you to try happiness from abroad. You may be surprised, but seeking love from Slavic countries have become very popular. So many Americans and Canadians have become happy husbands of Ukrainian/Russian/Belarusian women. Reading a LoveSwans review provided below, you will get more information on how to proceed with it, what benefits you may have and how to be successful in your search.

About LoveSwans

LoveSwans dating site is a platform that units mostly single ladies from Eastern Europe and single men from the USA and Canada. In spite of the fact, the Service is relatively young; it has already gathered a massive database from Slavic beauties that are willing to have a marriage with foreign men. The reason is common from both sides; there were some negative experiences in the past and a strong desire to be happy. To find your second half, you may go via a couple of steps listed below.LoveSwans Site


The quickest step that requires to specify your name, age, regularly used email, and create a password. After confirming your email validity, the profile will be created. The next time the site will ask for your email as login and created a password for sign in as a registered user.

Setting Up Profile

The next logical step is to fill some appropriate information regarding you, your lifestyle, and preferences in relations. Be honest answering simple questions, so this data will be seen to women and will characterize you.

What is interesting is that the Service gives more freedom in the kind of relations you can have here. You can specify that you are interested in serious relationships only that may lead to marriage or that you are interested in flirting. Both may lead to a meeting with the half. Additionally, you may specify whether you would like to create a family with a woman who has children.

Completing other questions regarding your wishes and preferences in relations will lead you to the final step – the selection of photos for your account. Statistics say that profiles with pics of good quality are more popular and successful. So be accurate in selecting the best ones.

Finding a Lady

When you specified all necessary info about yourself and the perfect lady you are looking for, LoveSwans will propose you 10 profiles of women, who specified the same values as you. Marking on those, who attracts you the most will help the site’s algorithm to offer matching profiles in the future. This will help you in your search and save some time. Anyway, you can do your search using the simple or advanced mode.

In a simple search mode, you may choose the location and age range. The advanced one will make you able to filter profiles on such details as education, occupation, smoking/drinking, religion, children, and so on.

Actually, the second type of search doesn’t take much time. But it’s much more effective to exclude women, that doesn’t match your criteria of the perfect wife.

Contacting Her

When the most matching women have been found, it’s time to contact her. There are a couple of options to let her know you are interested in. The first one is to write an introducing letter, so the mailing will be started. The second one is to have a live chat with her, in case she is online. So she can even turn on the CamShare for showing up herself as a real person, but not the nice pic of profile only.

It is considered that there is no better sound than the voice of a lovely person. So when the active communication was started, and the interest gradually grows the option of a skype call would be a good idea to become closer. The LoveSwans provides its own translators, so there will be no issues with communication, and the online meeting will be convenient for both sides.

And for couples that were created at the site, but for some reason cannot meet yet, there is an option of gifts delivery. So getting flowers or fruit basket the woman will know you care her and she matters.

Meet You Love

Here is the simplest and the most complicated thing. When the love is met, and the feelings are strong, you may negotiate the best time and place of the first meeting and have the real first, and hopefully not the last date. The site will help the user to arrange the date.


True love search is a very sensitive process that requires personal data sharing. LoveSwan developers realize how it is important to be confident in a Service provided. So the site uses SSL to serves for the client’s personal/payment information safety.LoveSwans Safety

Some people may wonder: “Is Loveswans legit?” The legit side of LoveSwans is something that may cause doubts for the user with a critical mindset. How does the site approve users and guarantees its real? Actually, LoveSwans has one of the strictest verification procedures. It requires a personal meeting of the lady, who wants to become a member of the site with the marriage agency and special commission from the site. The commission will have a short interview with the candidate to ensure her intentions and check the legal documents. Only after this procedure completion, the profile of the woman can be approved at the site. This way users can be sure that all communicate with real people and no fakes at site exist.

Additionally, users are protected by the LoveSwans scam policy that considers measures of fraud prevention. Each profile that was noted scamming will be blocked, and the agency, who is responsible for the profile will be fined. In case the user feels inconvenience because of money/gift requests or other strange behavior, he should communicate to the Site’s Support team. The Customer Support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues. Additionally, the Moderation team is responsible for the identification of possible scammers to protect the user from unpleasant contacts and losses.


Most of the interacting communication services at the site are paid. The user is proposed to have a certain type of subscription, where the number of credits that can be spent for communication respects to amount paid. There are discounts and loyalty programs for those users who used to be a member for a long time.

LoveSwans PriceThe pricing policy considers the package with the lowest price of $19.99 with a discount for 50 available credits and at the highest rate of $149.99 for 750 credits in total. Other options are $44.99 and $69.99 for 125 and 250 credits respectively.

The subscription can be paid via Mastercard/Visa payment cards, AMEX, Maestro or Discover and even for some locations PayPal.

Pros and Cons


It is logically to finalize review by the brief conclusion on the strong and weak sides of this dating platform. So, the strengths are:

  • A huge database of ladies’ profiles;
  • Wide range of relationships and types of communication possible;
  • High-security settings related to personal data protection and anti-scam measures;
  • The site’s effectiveness proven by lots of success stories.

What is interesting is that the Service is available not from the PC only, but tab or smartphone as well. It allows keeping in touch during business trips, traveling, or even at a lunch break. The variety of tools that can be used to access the platform will enable you to check mail and respond in time in case the love knocked at your mailbox.

LoveSwans UsersCons

  • Because of the massive amount of users server may take lots of time to upload the video;
  • To be effective, you should purchase a subscription.


The LoveSwan dating site has all the essential characteristics necessary to be on the top of the user’s choice. It has already helped lots of couples to find each other. However, thousands of users that are used to be regular members is a shred of strong evidence that the time spent on the site will bring joy and good emotions. Whatever you are looking for light flirt or life partner LoveSwan will help you to achieve it.

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RomanceTale Review

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Finding a person that was appointed to you by destiny is probably one of the main goals in our life. The explanation is simple: the importance of human warmth cannot be overstated. This is why many women and men are waking up every single day with a dream to find their soulmate in this crazy rhythm of life. Over the years:

  • the goals set for ourselves become more and more ambitious, and, accordingly, require more and more time to implement them, such as plans to buy a new car, apartment or house;
  • our daily social circle is inevitably reduced to colleagues from the work and a couple of friends;
  • the evenings are held not in big noisy companies, but with a small group of friends in cafes and restaurants.RomanceTale Review

Because of mentioned above and many other reasons, the dream of finding true love becomes the most challenging thing in current circumstances.

RomanceTale dating site already helped many couples to find each other and continue to do that since 2013. It is helpful and can be an excellent tool for reaching your delicate dreams. Below you may find detailed review, where valuable reasons to try it are described.

About RomanceTale

RomanceTale relates to the most popular platforms for dating. It allows their members to seek love at any time of the day and in any country across the world. The site is available not only from your desktop computer but from your mobile phone and tablet as well. App adoptions are convenient when you are unable to use a computer, for example, on a business trip, but still, need to keep in touch. Also, it provides you with different types of search tools, collects a statistic of your profile and many other advanced features that you can check for free, before full immersion in the online dating world.


RomanceTale benefits a really easy and very intuitive registration form. It consists of a couple of standard questions:

  • Whom you are seeking for (man or woman);
  • Your name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Email;
  • And of course, a password that you will use every time to sign in.

RomanceTale RegistrationSo, as you can see above, it will take less than one minute to answer all of these questions and go further to the next stage. On the next couple of windows, you will see brief questionnaires that will help you with profile filling. So you will add:

  • the information about what kind of relationship you are looking for (“pen friend” or “marriage”);
  • brief information about yourself to let other members know you better before start chatting;
  • and some photos.

All this information will be reflected in your profile. Respectively the same data you can review in a profile of women you are interested in.


Each of us has our views and preferences, which we would like to share with our soul mate. That is why RomanceTale provides you with really advanced search tools that will help you to find the right person to date. Mainly these tools relate to filters that may be applied to profiles by the following criteria:

  • The age that is helpful if you understand that you will not be able to build relationships with someone older or younger than a specific age;
  • Country of origin, so if you have some preferences you can choose a particular country or countries;
  • Interests, to not wasting your time for the person with completely different views on life;
  • Who are online now, available in CamShare or with video, to understand with whom you can start a conversation right now;
  • User ID, if you find some specific person.RomanceTale Search

In any case, you also can search your soul mate by looking at profile photos and visually assess the attractiveness of a person to try to build a relationship with.

Safety Policy

Likely, RomanceTale scam protection policies make you one hundred percent sure that you are speaking with real people on this site. Moreover, advanced safety and confidentiality protection guarantees that all members of this platform are legit and secured.

Also, the RomanceTale team applied modern encoding systems aimed to protect your private data (including payment information) from fraud and leaking. Even if you would like to exchange your contacts with a person from the site, you will need to pass the verification procedure. That is an excellent example of a respectful attitude to a client’s personal information.


To make the platform free from people, who came here for fun only, RomanceTale uses a paid system. Moreover, you will get free credits right after the registration so you could make sure that the site works for you.

RomanceTale CostTo make it as convenient as possible, RomanceTale provides you an ability to use any payment system including:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express

If we speak about prices for tools on the site, they look like this:

  • 10 credits for sending or reading a letter;
  • 2 credit for each minute of chat and more for a chat with video.

What about the cost of these credits? Please see below how much credits are available according to payment terms:

  • 28.99 USD – 50 credits
  • 64.99 USD – 125 credits
  • 99.99 USD – 250 credits
  • 214.99 USD – 750 credits

As you probably have already calculated, buying a bigger number of credits provides you with a lower price per credit, which is convenient for regular users.

The costs are a little bit higher than on other dating sites, but the reason is totally obvious – RomanceTale provides its members with a higher quality of services. No fakes, no fraud. You’ll meet only mature and serious people on this site.

Customer Support

It is natural when during usage, some questions or technical issues appear. For such cases, you have an option to write a request to the Support. This team will help you to resolve any problems you have in the short term. Additionally, this service provides you with different types of communication that include:

How-To Articles

They will explain to you how to fill out the profile, use all the platform’s tools, etc.

FAQ Section

Here you can find the answers on the most popular questions from web site members;

Contact Form

If you have any issues with payments, safety or other serious question, you always can write your question in the contact form.

Pros and Cons

Since this brief RomanceTale review has already provided us with some basic information about the website and we already got familiar with the main tools and features, let’s try to calculate all the advantages and disadvantages of the platform.

Let practice an unusual approach and start with negative things to check is there any opportunity to sweeten the impression with some positive things after and still stay with a pleasant aftertaste.


The main and probably the only one disadvantage of using RomanceTale is long-distance relationships. This disadvantage is common for the majority of online dating platforms that are trying to connect loving hearts from different parts of the world. You start your search of your “the only one” in front of your computer or mobile device. So it takes some time before you will be completely sure that you will see your soulmate in front of you without any devices. Choosing a person with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life is a very important thing. This is why you need to keep patience, sincere passion and efforts.


Much easier to make a list of positive things, so let’s see below:

RomanceTale WomenEffective Anti-Scam Protection

Yes, it definitely should be put in the first place. Safety is a crucial point to be considered nowadays – be sure that you speak with a real person who is seeking true love here.

Intuitive Interface

RomanceTale team did its best to make it as comfortable as possible.

Extensive Users Base
A significant number of members what increase your chances to find someone special for you.

Various Communication Options

Different types of communication offered to make you know each other as good as possible via online communication. From a traditional online letter to chat with cameras on.

24/7 Customer Support

Service also provides 24/7 Support that will help you to resolve any problems that may appear.

Affordable Prices

The prices are below average and the services provided are of high quality, so it’s definitely worth spending money on.

The list can be continued, but the most significant things were already listed. Actually, in case you prefer safe and real communication with further serious plans to be realized, the RomanceTale would be an excellent choice to be done.


RomanceTale belongs to trustworthy online dating platforms. Its main goal is to connect loving hearts regardless of the distance between them. Moreover, this platform became one of the most popular premium sites that are chosen by thousands of users. Hence, if you are ready to find your second half and have enough patience for it, feel free to start your way on Your future wife is waiting for you!

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VictoriaHearts Review

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The theory of halves says that each person has a one soul mate that belongs to him. But sometimes it happens that the soulmate cannot be found for a long time. There is no need to feel desperate in such a case. It is an excellent idea to look better by expanding the search parameters, including other countries as a possible location of your soulmate.

As a result of such measures, international dating became more popular over time. It has already helped lots of couples to meet each other and create a strong and happy relationship. VictoriaHearts is an excellent example of a reliable site. It helps people find each other without matter on distance laying between them.

It was created 6 years ago and got into the top of premium websites, which provides not only a safe but convenient service for singles. VictoriaHearts review will acknowledge you with the main advantages of being a member of this resource, the main available tools and ways to find your future wife in the short term. For further details, please, refer below.

About VictoriaHearts

VictoriaHearts Review

The service is client-oriented, so it is not difficult to use it without help from the third side on the way to create a happy marriage. Anyway, below you may find a short guide on how to join the site, become it full member, access all options offered and effectively use them.

Main Advantage of VictoriaHearts review is necessary to be started from the main advantage that comes down to the serious intention of singles registered here. Of course, the option of spending time just flirting with a friendly person is still available. Moreover, it seems that the strongest relationships usually start from a light flirt and strong friendship.

But in fact, VictoriaHearts dating website has become a place where lots of men found their true love and have already created families with women met here. So actually there is no matter what is your aim here to find a wife or to find a woman to spend time together, Victoria Hearts will help you to achieve both of it and provide you with the most convenient services.

  • Quick and free registration;
  • Good interface making site easy to use;
  • Validated profiles and women with serious intentions;
  • Wide range of search parameters;
  • Scam protection and safety usage;
  • Support team working for users 24/7.

And the advantages of the platform do not end here.  So the best option for checking all available benefits is to join the site and try all of these advantages by yourself.


VictoriaHearts RegistrationCreating a personal profile will take you approximately a minute. The data you need to specify is:

  • Aim of registration;
  • Name and date of birth;
  • Your active email address;
  • The password to be used further for the site logging in.
  • Confirmation that you accept the site policies.

When the email address is verified by sending a special confirmation letter to you to confirm your identity, further email and password would be used to sing into the site.

Profile Quality

When you log in the first time, the site will ask you questions about you and about the person you are looking for. This may help to identify your values and communicate them to women through your profile so that you can find your match faster.

VictoriaHearts WomenThe first set of questions asked will contain several questions:

  • what type of woman you are looking for;
  • your preferences regarding age;
  • body parameters (height/weight/other specific details like for example tattoo and so on);
  • ability to accept a woman with children;
  • your attitude to women with bad habits (smoking, drinking, etc).

Generally, this is your personal “filter settings” that help you avoid contacts from girls you are not interested in and save your time and her time

The second set contains 13 questions, where you need to describe the same things about yourself: your height/weight/body type, your habits, your characters, and values. Here you may choose the option of adding your profile photo.

From the one side, adding a photo and maintaining a full profile make a choice for women easier and increase chances for matching. Additionally, as was mentioned above, it can save you time by avoiding contact with girls “out from your type.” On the other side, in case you prefer to keep some mystery, you may leave your profile without a pic and send it to a special woman only. This will show her that you are ready for some serious steps and will let her know your particular attitude. However, both approaches are effective, so the choice is up to you only.


So, when the profile is completed identity confirmed and all respective information specified, you are ready to start the search of the perfect woman. Actually, as more questions, you answered during profile filling, as more chances you will find your ideal bride. The reasons are the VictoriaHearts program that compares women’s profile and yours and proposes you good matches each day. So you can avoid spending your time reading profiles you will not choose to contact. By the way, you have access to any profile maintained in a site, where you may find photos, main information about the woman, her values, hobbies, and the portrait of the perfect husband.

VictoriaHearts Search

Anyway, in case you didn’t find someone in matches or decided to expand your search criteria, you can communicate to each girl you liked without matter on what you specified before.

Safety and Anti-Scam Control

The legit approach developed and strictly followed by the service is VictoriaHearts real benefit. When you complete your profile, the site will ask to confirm your identity by sending a scan-copy of personal ID issued by the government. The female users who are trying to register need to confirm their account the same way. The data is confidential and is protected by the SSL-protocol.

VictoriaHearts SafetyUser validation is not the only way to comply with the VictoriaHearts scam protection policy. Although this way you can be sure that there are no fakes and all the women you are contacting are real. Another thing achieved by this step is ease of contact exchange information with women, who you like, by sending it via Site Administration. Further, it leads to real dating in nearest future. So service users can be sure the contact data is reliable and no deception exists.

In case you have some doubts regarding women you are communicating with, or you feel uncomfortable because of too personal/material/persistent requests that may look like a scamming, you may always contact the Support team. So they will check women and take measures to prevent her from disturbing behavior. The site cares for clients and therefore keeps its reputation.

Communication Options

There are 2 types of communication options. The first, one is free and comes down to sending winks, likes and adding a girl to favorites. This way you may check is the girl interested in you before purchasing a member profile. In case she is also interested in you, you may proceed with the second type, which requires some credits being at your account.VictoriaHearts Services

The site proposes you more options via member plans. You can choose romantic mailing or more modern chatting with the woman you like or combine both types of communication. There is also an option of live chat and online translation in case women only started to learn the language. Video messages can also be sent to each other in case the time difference doesn’t allow to meet online.

Advanced Services

When the primary goal of being at the site is achieved and the right woman is found, the next logical step is a meeting. As was mentioned above site is responsible for providing you with the reliable contact data of your soulmate. But sometimes the real circumstances can make you wait till the meeting become possible. For example when the boss will give a vacation and when the tickets to the city of your bride will be available.VictoriaHearts Tools

To keep in warm contact and save relations strong and romantic the VictoriaHearts propose you to apply additional services, such as:

  • Skype calls with the translator;
  • Gifts delivery.

This way, you will show your individual attitude to the soulmate and make the expectation not so hard.

In case you are still looking for the half, you may pay attention to:

  • The contests, where women show themselves from the unusual side;
  • Faces, where you can like or skip women proposed to you as a match.


First of VictoriaHearts accrues some free credits for new members. This may allow testing the site and all the options proposed. In case you decide to proceed using a website, you may choose the membership plan, so the corresponding amount of credits will be provided to you.

VictoriaHearts PriceThe minimum amount to be paid for 20 credits is approximately $10. You may also acquire 50, 125, 250, and 750 credits for $28.99, $64.99, $99.99, and $214,99 respectively. In case you used to spend a lot of active time with the site, you have an option to connect the payment card to the site. So you will never get into the situation suddenly being out of credits. This way, the balance replenishment will happen automatically. The loyalty program also considers a discount program for regular members of the service and premium accounts that allow watching statistics of your profile.


The VictoriaHearts site considered one of the most reliable because it helps the couple to find each other and create a happy family. VictoriaHearts is a safe and reliable platform where you can be sure that you are communicating with people who have serious intentions.

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MatchTruly Review

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The online dating industry is rapidly growing day by day. So now we have a whole universe of various websites, platforms, online spaces for starting romantic relationships. Some platforms attract with their extraordinary design and personalized approach, some – with a variety of possibilities, and others attract with loyal prices.

About MatchTruly can boast both with a cool design and a lot of opportunities to find your love (and good pricing service as well!). Single men and women come to to find their soulmate and discover what real love is. International love connections that this platform builds are impressive for sure. It is no matter here where your partner comes from. The main thing is to find a person you can truly fall in love with. This website is special because it has a “success page” where you can see the stories of happy couples that were born on the platform

All functions are easy in use and draw users` attention with their uniqueness. They are more advanced than on other dating platforms and offer both the basic needed features and additional ones for different tastes. gives you access to outstanding accounts from different countries so you can be sure that you will find someone special on the platform.

Easy to Use

Professional programmers designed the platform so you can use the product of the highest quality. The basic steps are clear and fast, even people who are not real friends with computers can figure out where to go. There are no troubles during the registration, chatting or using any of the tools. The website is good-designed and you feel like you are standing in Madame Tussauds museum and looking at one of the pieces of art. Even if you don’t see what step to do next, you can intuitively understand where to go because the website’s infrastructure is simple and perfect for everybody. The registration is free and all profiles are created by the team of the site (your partners are selected by you using special questionnaires with all the details that you have specified).

The site has a mobile app (that is a significant benefit for users because they can use it even going to work or nicely sitting in a park). On the mobile app, you can chat via chats and use the same functions as on your computer.


The registration on the platform is free and fast. It is a good thing because you can actually learn all the functions and decide whether you want to buy a membership or not. Filling in the needed data is a piece of cake. First of all, you have to type your name, gender, your date of birth, email address and password. After you have done that, you have to indicate your preferences towards your future partner. You simply add the information about your personality and put your favorite photo to attract other users. You can sign in from the mobile app as well, so you never lose connection with your partner.

After registration, you can filter profiles by desired criteria. Matching algorithms are developed to find you the best match and help to start communicating with a woman from scratch. The data you filled in needs to be accurate and reliable, so you have the most effective communication possible. To prevent any attempts of fraud, the administration group checks the entered information before registering.

Search and Profile Quality

Profiles on are kinds of art for sure. They consist of different parts such as photos (regular photos, selfies, etc.), users` basic data, a story written by them about their hobbies, lifestyle and so on and, of course, some personal requests for future partner’s personality. Each branch means a lot for the quality selection of your sweetheart and if you thoroughly went through all criteria of the profile and liked the person you found – you would be able to start your chat, let’s rock` n’roll, try it! Do not ignore features which make the search very easy and aimed.

Usually, all the profiles on the platform are really nice and magnetic. Quality of the profiles can also be confirmed by the fact that the site is not free. The financial barrier prevents frivolous users from entering the platform because only truly motivated and serious users are willing to pay to achieve their goals and start long and meaningful relationships.

The site doesn’t necessarily require having professional photos or good bio, but it is in users` own interest to make their profiles look as good as possible because it’s your trump card!

Legit or Scam? does everything in advance: it checks all “newborn” users and cleans up the space of “not good” contingent. The platform creates a friendly environment for everybody to feel safe and cozy in frames of online dating. The website pays more attention to women’s accounts. That’s because they use fraud tricks more often. However, the site does not forget about men’s accounts as well. All accounts have to wait for the validation and only after that they become active. If the user is still suspicious, he can always turn to the website’s support group and tell or explain his suspicions. But anyway, measures, taken by, fully protect users from any fraud and nobody is deceived while chatting, paying, etc. The site encourages users to familiarize themselves with the main points of the security program.

The platform has not only the support team but the scam-prevention team as well. They do everything possible to make you protected and safe and use a unique online security system of 128bit SSL encryption. There was usually one out of 100 cases of scam present on the platform, but the problem gets solved super quickly and without consequence. If we’re talking about payment stuff, the website uses the Secure Code to provide you with privacy while paying. No financial-privacy problems ever occurred on the platform.


The uses the credit system, which nowadays is really comfortable and beneficial. For getting different options, you need to buy credits which are virtual money and then use them for paying for your purchases. A paid membership gives you many-many opportunities. It opens you the whole dating world for sure! Monthly membership has a standard price 9,99$, but other options you buy apart of it, depending on your goals and needs on the platform. You never overpay and pay only for the services you use, no more. Users never worry about how the payment process goes because all the transactions are done through a secure system.

A lot of users are wondering, “Why do we need to buy a membership if the registration and search are free?”. Okay, that’s true, but other options are not. For all communication on the platform you need to pay and it is logical because it protects you from possible frivolous connections. Moreover, it lets you use as much chat-opportunities as you want.

The good thing also is that the price you pay depends only on your activity and needs. There are no stable prices for options because what matters here is the amount of time you spend, use something – you pay for it. That is it.

Pros and Cons


  • A lot of profiles of really worthy women from all corners of the world.
  • The structure of the platform is comfortable for all people, no matter how good they are at “computers stuff.”
  • The team of professionals who are ready to help with any problem at day and night.
  • Free and super-fast registration.
  • Very detailed and quality search.
  • Reliable profiles.
  • Secure and safe payment system.
  • Strong anti-scam protection


  • No free opportunities are available.
  • It doesn’t focus on users from a specific location.

Conclusion is a quality updated platform for people who have serious intentions and want to start meaningful long-termed relationships. The website system is protected from any attempts of fraud, and the platform’s structure itself is made in such way that people of any age, knowledge of computer and so on can quickly become confident users and develop their relationships online. The simplicity of use, a wide variety of different communicational tools, verified profiles, and comfortability make this platform perfect for having a massive audience from all over the world as it does. Reading the reviews of experienced users, you can see that they are really satisfied with how the platform works and a high level of privacy that every person expects.

There are a lot of decent dating platforms nowadays, but can you show one that combines such quality level, a high-secure system of communication and comfortable use? Once you tried using this platform, you’ll never be able to come back to another dating site. Quality holds people, but what’s more: the website’s team’s attitude makes you feel at home for real. The customer support has always been a problem for other websites, but not for So, if you are looking for a long and serious relationship, ready to pay for quality and unforgettable emotions – I do not advise you to pass by this platform. It is so worthy.

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