What You Should Know About Portuguese Brides

Whenever you think about Portugal, first what comes to your mind are football players. But in recent years, with the growing popularity of dating sites and marriage agencies, Portuguese women become the true symbol of this nation. Why are they so special? While girls from some countries you can describe in one or two words, to characterize Portuguese women, you will need a dictionary since brides of this nationality have too many significant features. Here are only a few of those:

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Mediterranean Beauties

The first thing you will notice about Portuguese women is that they are very attractive. Traditionally women of Portugal distinguished by their curvy body, but due to today’s tendencies, you can see a lot of lean ladies. Typically, girls have long, thick dark hair, although blondes are also common. The skin color varies from olive to fair, and eyes are usually brown or green with long eyelashes.

Also, Portuguese brides fitts in that rare category of women, who become more attractive with age. The way they carry themselves, how they enter a room, they are more attractive than ever. While walking the streets of Portuguese cities, you can see a lot of women who at their 40th looks smokin’ hot. It is a rarity, and without a doubt, it’s a pleasant feature, especially for their husbands.


Portuguese brides are nice and open, so you can easily approach them and start a conversation. Also, they are very social and friendly, and sometimes you can have a feeling that you know each other for years.

Next should be mentioned, that compared to other women from South Europe, Portuguese girls have a more calm and soft temper. This trait is especially relevant for those men who are looking for peaceful and pleasing matrimony. Besides, Portuguese mail order brides know English, so you can easily contact them via dating sites.


In the modern world, where the beauty industry insists on the importance of cosmetics, Portuguese women have their own position on this issue. They don’t think that becoming an attractive girl should put tons of makeup. Vise versa, fashion for “natural face” very popular in this country. Of course, for some solemn occasion, they do light makeup, but don’t transform it into addiction. After all, it’s more important to be natural.

A similar situation applies to clothes. Women of Portugal are not obsessed with fashion trends that are booming in Paris or Milan. Of course, it doesn’t mean that they have no taste or style. Portuguese girls just prefer to dress more casually, because it’s more convenient and modest. The same goes for colors of the attire, too bright or too shiny is not in favor, Portuguese brides prefer more pastel tones. Without a doubt, there are exceptions, but in this review, we talk about the majority.

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For a happy matrimony life, a loyal spouse very important. Again, thanks to traditional upbringing, Portuguese mail order brides are growing in understanding the value of this quality. The absolute majority don’t want to hurt their partner or risk destroying their marriage. So if you were able to be in a marriage with a Portuguese woman, you are a lucky man.


Portuguese brides are described as very supportive of their foreign men.  They encourage you when you are broke, shower you with positive energy, compliment you regularly, and never kick you while you are down. So if you managed to find a bride that fits your tastes, marriage is the best option.


They try to present themselves as independent and all, but Portuguese society is still dominated by a tradition of matrimony. Women tend to rule some issues in their homes, and many times are in charge of the money, but most will always listen and take their husband’s opinions as a final decision on anything. And we are not talking about older wives. We are talking about a wife of any age, including young women whose wedding happened just recently.

Passionate in Love

It was said before, that Portuguese ladies are calmer compared to the other Mediterranean. And it’s true, but only if we are talking about daily life. When those calm girls fell in love, they become as passionate as Italian, Greek, or other representatives from South Europe.

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Matrimonial Values of Portuguese Mail Order Bride

A woman’s personal power lies in heart-centered values. These principles are almost the same around the world, and Portugal is not an exception. But there are two core values that local ladies exude the most.


The main goal for many girls is to find a good husband and create a happy family. Maybe that’s why the most popular topics among young local women are marriage and future matrimonial life.

Young girls rather go to a family dinner than a nightclub. It doesn’t mean that they are unable to have a good time, rather, prioritizing family over partying. This is also predetermined by the cultural belief that party-girls are not prepared to settle down and have a healthy marriage.

You can come to depend on Portuguese women. Her main purpose in life is to create her own family and stay by the ones she loves. She is mature enough to place the family unit above her own selfish interests as most girls do. She lives for the greater good and understands herself what an important role she plays as the mother of children and the backbone of the household. She will dedicate her life to keeping the family together and happy.


Thanks to traditional upbringing, most Portuguese women are aware and know how to create comfort in the house. Although they support the distribution of household duties, they remain the true “ruler” of home and retain some key responsibilities for themselves.

And cooking is one of those. Local brides love to cook, and by practicing this skill since childhood, the dishes they make are delicious. And if you are also a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, it will only strengthen your connection with the Portuguese mail order bride.

Another of their passions is cleanliness and order in the house. You will not find a woman in this country, whose house is in mess and disorder, which is contrary to their nature. Things should be in place and tidy. Eventually, the bride from Portugal turns the house she lives in, into a cozy love nest.

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How to Impress Portuguese Women

Though you can’t control how she feels and make her fall in love with you, you can make yourself seem more desirable to Portuguese mail order bride. It’s not enough to be natural, and you should have more benefits and personal traits to attract your chosen one. Here are some important bits of advice:

Be Persistent

The women here expect their admirers to seek the favor with intensity and persistence. So it may be more challenging if you are reticent or shy, but don’t be scared, just put in some extra effort, and you will succeed.

Be Romantic

You need to go all out while wooing potential wife; arrange an interesting date – this may be Friday concerts in bars, exhibitions in museums, city festivals, car, and air show. Or, visit the village of Sintra, with its colorful palaces and castle perched on a green Serra. This area considered the most beautiful in the whole of Portugal.

Be Generous

Portuguese women love presents, so make it. Gifts need not all be expensive, and they should be romantic and symbolic like flowers and jewelry rather than practical like iron or blender. After you learn more about your date, you can make her a beautiful compliment. The whole essence of a compliment is to impress a girl.

Be Gentleman

When taking out your future wife, be a true gentleman –  offer to take her coat while sitting down at the restaurant table and open the car door for her. Very important never to keep your date waiting alone, especially at public places like bar or pub – not only because it is rude to keep your partner waiting, but because in Portugal single women in such public places are looked at askance. Show her how caring husband you might become.

Be Conversant

Women of Portugal are proud of their origin, history, and traditions. Getting acquainted with Portuguese brides, it is necessary to study the national peculiarities of their country and major customs. Today it’s easy, and you can get all this information in seconds. And such knowledge benefits in different ways – you will understand their nature better and show your erudition.


So, now when you learned what to expect and how to impress Portuguese mail order brides, finding a family-oriented girl online becomes an easier target. Nowadays, there are hundreds of matrimonial service providers—furthermore, no need to leave your house to get one step closer to the desired marriage. You only need to get in touch with a marriage agency or visit a dating site.