Lithuanian Mail Order Brides

Lithuanian Mail Order Brides

What do we know about Lithuania and its people? It is a country that is washed by the warm Baltic Sea and located in the northern part of Europe. Lithuanian culture is wonderful and has a long history. However, the most important thing is its people, especially the beautiful part of it. Lithuanian women are very respectful to their history, and the independence of Lithuania may manifest in their characters. They are also easy-going, friendly and caring. So all of that makes them perfect wives and moms.

Lithuanian Women Characteristics

Lithuanian girls indeed stand out in crowds. They quickly grasp the attention of people, especially men, by something mystical. To resolve this enigma here are their features:

Beautiful Appearance

The look of blue eyes in combination with long blonde hair leaves no one indifferent. In addition, long legs with a slim figure and fair skin make this alchemy of beauty on top of any expectations. Sometimes you may find passionate fiery eyes with a darker shade of hair. These traits come from Slavic and Scandinavian ancestors.


Lithuanian brides are very attentive and picky about what they wear. They want to be bright and stylish in their everyday life. Many shiny accessories and light make-up help them to highlight their natural beauty. These girls are proud of themselves and hospitable to every foreigner.


Probably, the inner world of the person has the greatest value for everyone. It is important to understand that some features of character are individual and some are common for a specific country, nationality, culture, and mentality.

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They are not so risky as others. Before making a decision. Lithuanians prefer to analyze all the information they possess, evaluate all the risks and only then make a decision. Knowledgeable about all the possibilities, pros and cons, girls from Lithuania can become perfect friends and advisors in your life.


Rational thinking and realism are features of these girls. For them, it is better to set up a realistic goal and achieve it rather than dream of an unrealizable aim. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not ambitious. It is just all about to be honest with yourself and have a clear understanding of what you are capable of.


Right after realism, we can talk about their confidence in decision making. Most times these brides know what they want. If one of them decides to go on a date with you, it means that this girl has strong confidence in this decision and all doubts are left behind. With these women, you do not need to be afraid that everything you have talked about, some secrets and private information will be spread among her friends. In Lithuania, girls understand the value of relationships and family matters and consider them something that should not be told to a new person. At first, you have to gain their trust and strike them as a reliable person, and only then they will be ready to open to you entirely.

7 Interesting Facts About Lithuanian Women

  • More than half of the women are blonde;
  • They want to see a gentleman and value all gestures of attention like opening the door for them;
  • Never start talking about previous relationships: what happened in the past must be left in the past;
  • Long relationships instead of short ones;
  • A hardworking man is more attractive than a heavy drinker;
  • The family has the top priority, which makes them perfect wives and moms;
  • Prefer to keep eye contact in conversation.

Sites Where You Can Find Your Lithuanian Wife


There are a lot of Lithuanian mail order brides that are single and waiting to meet an interesting person. In order to find happiness, they have created their profiles on different dating websites. Maybe your special woman is somewhere there.

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How to Avoid Lithuanian Brides Scams

Let’s be honest. There are always people that would like to scam good ones to get some profit. To prevent this from happening, here are some valuable information and tips that will help you to avoid fraud.

Be a Detective

After starting the conversation with a nice member on a dating website, try to find more information about a person on the internet. You may check popular social networks to see if the person is real. A profile should not be just created with several suspicious friends and without any photos. In addition, try to check the authenticity of the photos. It can be done with the Google images search engine or

Do Not Rush

Probably, you have found a nice match after the very first conversation and she has shown a lot of interest in you. Be careful: it may be a scam. Relationships are not something that comes immediately. They are constantly developing. Step by step you should try to get to know your partner better. Don’t be afraid of asking about authenticity as everyone understands its importance and only scammer may react in an angry way.


If you notice anything suspicious, it is better to ask the support team to check a person instead of remaining ignorant.

Protect Your Personal Information

Never expose your personal data that may harm you. Even telling about a trip abroad may be dangerous as scammers will know that your house is empty. So, you would better keep in secret your home address, phone and work email.


Be confident in yourself trying to find the love of your life and be smart to avoid everyone who wants to harm you. Beautiful Lithuanian women may be waiting just for someone like you.