Latvian Brides

Latvian Brides

Most likely, you know a lot of happy people who have long ago found their love and live, enjoying life. If you talk to each of them, for sure, you will hear many unusual stories about how someone found a girlfriend. And many of these stories happened by chance. Even by a strange coincidence of circumstances that were not peculiar to this person. One turned out to be in a new company, another one ran into not wrong bus, and the third got the wrong apartment. But do not assume that to find a bride is always a random and unpredictable process. We invite you to start participating in creating your happiness and mentally transfer to Riga.

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Why exactly there, you ask? If only because ladies from Latvia are rightfully recognized as the most beautiful girls in the world, but this is not all of their advantages. We want to tell you about these pretties below. Believe, you will never regret such a choice!

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What Makes Latvian Women so Special?

Of course, you can long describe plenty of local ladies’ features. It cannot be said that in this country (as in any other) all girls are the same, but there are some characteristic features by which you can quickly identify this or that woman. So, Latvian brides are:

Very Beautiful

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Scandinavian type of appearance. So this is all about Latvians. You can immediately mark them out from other girls for many characteristics. They have blond hair (warm or cold shades) and bright eyes (gray, blue or green). Their features are also high cheekbones and a tall slender figure. Seeing such a girl for once, you can never forget her.


Quite emotionally closed, and sometimes even cold. It affects the impact of climate and traditions. It is unlikely that you will be able to meet an emotional girl who will quickly communicate with you, and telling hundreds of life stories, including ones about her. According to the behavior of the “classic” Latvian, it is impossible to understand whether she likes you or not, whether she is bored or fun. She can begin to communicate reluctantly and respond in monosyllables. The idea is to “weigh up” the answer several times, think it over and then voice it. It works with everyone, especially with strangers. But it will eventually pass.

Very Hardworking

They have great endurance. Most likely, you will not be able to find a girl who works as much as a Latvian single. She, as a rule, is very much appreciated at work, since she takes on so many responsibilities, besides those that rely on her position. She has a special mindset that allows her to do several things at once. In this case, they are all performed efficiently. When such a girl has a family and a husband, she copes with work, household chores, and family. And she will donate nothing, except that she hires a housemaid for cleaning and cooking.

Educated and Smart

Latvian girls devote a lot of time to their training and strive to get a degree. As for applying for a prestigious position, proper education is necessary. By the way, women have to work a lot because, compared to men, their salaries are much lower for the same amount of work. It’s a shame, but the ladies here are not used to complaining. You have to agree that finding a hardworking and educated girl in, for example, America is much more difficult than in Latvia.

They Create Family After 30

With other Western women, they are united by their unwillingness to have children at a young age. Although in the countries of the former USSR it is customary to give birth to children at the age of about 20 years, in Latvia this usually happens 10-15 years later. First, the ladies try to earn a little money, receive a degree, and get real estate so that the child grows up in prosperity, even if his father does not live with his family (sometimes this could happen). Latvians are very attached to their family, especially in childhood, but with age, they tend to live separately and build their own lives, so they rarely visit their parents.

Why Latvian Mail Order Bride Want to Date Western Men

As you have already noticed, Latvian women have enough qualities to make absolutely any man happy. But, by a strange coincidence, they rarely manage to find a husband in their own country. This happens for various reasons:

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Gender Imbalance

According to sociological researches, there are significantly fewer men in Latvia than women. That is why the competition for each representative of the “stronger sex” is quite high. But the fact is that a real Latvian would never agree to the “middle case”. Each of them considers herself to be special and worthy only of the best and most successful man. And such, as you can guess, in Latvia it is even less.

Local Men Don’t Give Them Enough Love

There is a certain percentage of women who do not want to marry men from their own country. The coldness of character and slowness – these are the qualities that are more inherent in local guys, so they don’t give their women enough appreciation and love.

Latvian Women Are Too Busy to Do on Dates

Hot Latvian women, as mentioned earlier, work too hard and have little free time to meet young people and go on dates with them.

All this leads to the fact that the only “working” way of exploring the opposite sex for Latvians is considered online resources. First, she doesn’t have to go anywhere to find a partner or meet a guy to create a family – everything is on her smartphone. Secondly, such sites open new horizons for girls. They can endlessly communicate with men from other countries, and look for someone who will be a reliable, caring, well-to-do, and kind husband.

Online Dating Sites to Meet Latvian Women

The same method is precisely for the same reasons suitable for successful and always busy men who cannot afford to walk on the streets, shopping centers or bars for dating.

Fortunately, many special services have already been created in the world, thanks to which the hearts of young people from all over the world are united. Here are the best ones:

On these dating sites, you can find many useful services. For example, here is a search robot. He is looking for matches of your profile with the needed girls’ accounts. To do this, you need to fill out a special form and replenish your account. There is also a gift-giving service to a girl. You can surprise your Latvian with an unusual bouquet of flowers, a rare kind of chocolate or an unusual decoration. For a special girl, special gifts are required. You order a gift using the site, and our courier will deliver it to your beloved in just a few hours.

How to Date a Latvian Women

To achieve the favor of such an unusual girl, follow our simple rules.

Be Yourself

Be yourself and do not try to put on the mask of another person. As we have already managed to find out, Latvian women are smart enough to see false. It is not correct to start a relationship with cheating.

Take Care of Your Appearance

Latvians love men who look after themselves and dress well.

Surprise Her

Prepare her a small gift – a bouquet of flowers or a set of sweets would be entirely appropriate on the first date.

Be Polite and Gallant

Talk less about yourself, let your lady reveal. Especially, given its initial coldness and even shyness. Let her tell about herself, her culture and traditions, and her family’s peculiarities. Your role on the first date is to be a good and attentive listener.

Prepare for a Date

Choose a nice place to meet, but it should be public. So the girl will be comfortable, and she will be able to control the situation.

Forget About Any Physical Contact

Latvian mail order brides can be fun and active, but they never approve sex on a first date. If you offer her this, most likely you will never see her again. Intimate contact before the wedding is possible, but you need to come to it logically. Just take your time!


Happiness can rarely be found just like that. Usually – the path to it is difficult and long. Make your life easier and happier with online dating on the Internet. Using proven resources, you can be able to change your life for the better and find a family in a short time.