What to Expect from German Brides

German women are breaking stereotypes about the country and its females.  Dating sites market is booming in recent years with more and more beautiful brides joining. Those girls wish to find a boyfriend and create a family with nice men. It is common for a modern German single woman to look for a couple on the internet. And usually, she is looking for a foreigner who will fulfill her wish for changes. And it is not surprising, as Germany is the most stable state in Europe. So German women are open to men of a different culture and traditions. But of course, before starting interesting texting girls better learn some info about typical German mail order brides.

German Mail Order Brides Are Beautiful

From first glance, you will certainly notice how beautiful and sexy German women are. They are usually long-legged girls with charming smiles and desired curves. Especially curvy is especially the full-breasted upper body of German brides. Blue-eyed blondes are often becoming models for popular men’s magazines. With such appearance, it’s not a big surprise the interest from wedding agencies and dating german woman websites from all over the world.

It should be mentioned that German brides putting an effort to keep their bodies look so gorgeous. Visiting the gym at least twice a week, jogging outside – brides from Germany do everything to impress their future husband. If you look at the pictures of lovely women, you certainly will love to know local girls more closely. And this is only a visual advantage of typical German mail order bride.

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German Brides Are Family-Oriented

Women from Germany are very affectionate wives and mothers. Yes, we know how surprising it may sound. When you think about German brides as wives, probably first, what comes to mind is a strict and cold lady that never shows her emotions. And in some way, this stereotype about a local woman is true – she is strict and requires discipline from kids. But at the same time, German women are loving mothers and passionate wives that care about the happiness and unity of the family.

Usual mail order bride from Germany is faithful. Germany has one of the lowest divorce rates in the whole of Europe. So it’s predictable that marriages with German women are mainly strong and long-lasting. Of course, it requires some efforts from men too, but if you show your love towards the bride, everything will be fine.

German Women Are Approachable

It is almost impossible to live in the European Union and not to be open-minded. Especially approachable are Germans in general and local brides in particular. Nearly all girls can freely speak English since it is one of the west-germanic languages. So if you are planning to visit Germany, don’t be shy to talk to women, they will understand. The same is applicable to dating sites and marriage agencies, just send a message, and the bride will surely answer.

Moreover, girls are intelligent and highly educated, which will make your conversations very interesting and informative. This trait is especially important in building a long-term relationship, such as marriage, where you need something more than just physical attraction.

German Brides Are Independent

Germany is the richest and most developed country in Europe. The salaries are high, and there is a wide variety of positions available on the job market. Therefore in these conditions, it is normal and expected that German women are financially independent.

Such self-sufficiency of local brides has it’s positive and negative aspects. One of the negatives is that many german men feel uncomfortable dating females who earn more money. This is one of the most popular reasons why more and more males give up on dating beautiful German brides. But those guys who are more modern are benefiting from a relationship with independent German women:

  • big family budget;
  • equal partnership;
  • smaller financial risks;
  • possibility to effort good education for kids and many more.

So if you are a modern and confident man who is looking for a loving partner – a German single woman is a perfect choice for matrimonial life.

German Brides

How to Find a Bride from Germany

Now, when we learned the most important information about the typical German lady, the next step should be done. How can you find a girl from Germany, start our relationship and proceed to the wedding phase? To be honest, there are too many ways to fulfill this goal; most of those are consuming too much time, energy, or money. But there are two very effective.

Dating Websites

Men’s favorite way of finding German brides for marriage. It is extremely convenient – all you need is a connection to the internet, and an account on dating sites. If those two requirements are fulfilled, texting with girls from Germany is possible anytime and anywhere:

  • in cafeteria or restaurant during break time at work;
  • in a car during a traffic jam;
  • in public transport;
  • while waiting in doctors office;
  • before meeting or conference;
  • in a line at the grocery store.

There are too many places and moments when you can do correspondence with the chosen woman.

Also, dating websites are providing a possibility of acquainting with information about selected mail order bride: her pictures, age, occupation, pets, hobbies, education, and personal preferences in music, sports, books, etc. But most important is that German brides in such internet resources are not after your pocket (unlike some females from undeveloped countries). You can be sure as well, that woman on such a site is prioritizing the serious relationship like marriage.

Going to Germany

This way is much more complicated, and you need to have a sufficient amount of money and time and at least basic knowledge of German language. For the majority of men, such a trip will be limited by days available for vacation. And probably, it will not be enough to meet and start a serious relationship.

Of course, if you are a person who is going to work in Germany and stay there for a long period of time, this option is for you. Your choice will be limited by some ten million unmarried German women. And this number of available brides sounds good, right?

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How to Date German Brides

Dating German women is similar to dating other European females, with some small exceptions. And if you don’t want to ruin your image on the first few romantic dates, some “dos” and “don’ts” should be known. We prepared some basic advice that you can read below. Following them will greatly increase your positive impression on German brides.

Be Punctual When Dating a German Woman

Germans are one of the most punctual nations on our planet, so do your best not to be late. German women really don’t like people who are not coming in time. Believe us, your punctuality is the first thing that will be checked by German brides. And if you are late and have a serious excuse, let her know as soon as possible.

Be Tidy on the Date

German women spend a lot of time preparing for a date. It includes nice clothes, light makeup, good perfumes and so on. So to at least appreciate her efforts, you need to look clean and tidy. If German brides see some extra attempts to look better, from your side, it will be great.

Be Positive

Leave all your problems and troubles aside. The date is designed for enjoyment and a positive mood. So if you will spoil the German bride’s mood by some difficulties or issues at work, it will be your last date with her.

Be Natural

It is very visible when you are pretending to be someone else on your first date. So just be yourself, she already agreed to have a date with you. German brides don’t like fake acting men more than others. Be natural for a better atmosphere and comfort.

Don’t be a Narcissist

The conversation on a date should be more or less equal. So don’t turn it into “autobiography” about all your success in the past and “one hundred goals in life” in the future. Let’s be honest, nobody likes braggarts, and German women are not an exception.


German women are great prototypes of modern European girls. To marry and create a family is still one of the major wishes for German women. They become faithful wives and strict but loving mothers. All you need to do is to text a message to a beautiful mail order bride.