Secrets of French Brides Elegance

French woman is an essence of the 20th-century lady and modern world tendencies. How those women keep their style and independence, remain proud and magnetic for all men. What is the uniqueness of beautiful French mail order brides, and how are they in daily life? They are so different from any other girl in the world, but wishing for the wedding as any other bride.

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Varieties of Beauty Among French Women

It must be mentioned that there is not one typical women’s beauty standard in modern France. On dating websites and marriage agencies, you can see very different French women. Mostly everybody exudes three classic types of women:

  • France has many blonde mail order brides. Why is it so? Northern France was for a long period of time place of Viking invasions. Later many Scandinavians settled here with their wives and families. Because of this, regions like Normandy and Brittany were always famous for mail order brides with long, blonde, silky hair. The eyes are mostly blue or green. They are usually slim, with long legs and big breasts. The skin is milky white and as soft as babies. Because of their rare facial traits, French brides who originated from northern areas often become photo models,  work for different fashion designers and win beauty contests.
  • Among French women, there are many beautiful dark brown or black-haired mail-order brides. Southern or how it’s’s often named – Mediterranean France is very similar to Spain or Italy. Girls who reside here also look similar. French brides from Provence, Languedoc, and Midi Pyrenees because many sunny days are sexily tanned. Brown or black-eyed wife from here is very desirable for any man. It should be mentioned that they are medium height and very curvy. The girls from Provence usually considered as the sexiest ones. You should be happy to marry one of those brides. Such a girl becomes a very good wife.
  • Beautiful French women from central parts of the country are most represented and diverse of all. The shorter length of hair compared to girls from other regions is conditioned by taking care of convenience. The eyes color is dark green or brown, and lips are medium and pink. They are sporty looking, medium height, and very feminine. Worldwide famous actress Marion Cotillard is probably one of the brightest representatives of a beautiful French woman from its central part.

Of course nowadays, in the time of biggest world globalization, big French cities like Paris, Lyon and Marseille are very multicultural. You can meet their girls of all races and nationalities, with all kinds of visual and cultural features. All you need to do is choose the woman you like.

French Mail Order Bride

French Brides Are Independent

It is very common in highly developed Europe that women are self-sufficient and independent. And France is not an exception, and local girls are as socially and politically active as men. You can see attractive French brides working in all spheres of the economy and hold different positions in companies. While walking streets of Paris or Lyon is common to meet extremely attractive girls with a beautiful smile, wearing a police uniform. Also, it should be mentioned a high level of education among French mail order brides, which makes them fit the vacancy market. So if you are looking for an intelligent, well educated and sexy wife, choose a girl from France.

French Mail Order Bride as Your Future Wife

The country has changed drastically in the last hundred years, but the value of family for French women stayed almost the same as at the beginning of the 20th century. It is true; modern girls spend more time outside the house working. Yes, career is one of the top priorities for modern women, but French brides are unique compared to other developed states. France has one of the highest birth rates among all European nations, which proves the love for kids and family.

Typical French women are quite strict with their kids. It should be clarified that “strict” doesn’t mean sharp or indifferent. It’s’s more about the requirement of discipline and good behavior from children. French brides also considered loving girlfriends. And after marriage – caring wives.

French Brides Are Stylish

If you would ask anyone from anywhere on our planet, “Who are the most stylish ladies”? Almost certainly, the answer will be “French women”. And this is not surprising, because France is the main fashion center in the world, for centuries. The best fashion designers and stylists, from different countries, for decades coming here to improve their skills and show their creativity and art.

Of course, French brides, living in such an environment, eventually worked out a sense of style. And it applies not only the appearance but also behavior and manners. From early years, wives and mothers instill this sixth special sense to their kids. You also can see pictures of beautiful brides from France on our website.

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French Mail Order Bride’s Free Time

Many foreigners are very surprised by how local brides spend their free time. Most think that French women spend whole holidays in boutiques and shopping malls looking for trending fashion items. But in reality, ladies from France, most of the spare time spend with relatives and friends. In this society, keeping a good relationship with family members is very important. So every holiday relatives are gathering together for dinner or picnic, depending on season and weather conditions. In case you are dating a French girl, be ready to meet her parents, grandparents, and other siblings of different generations, at least once a month.

In France, it is necessary to keep in touch with friends. So going to the cinema or gym,  hiking or traveling, mainly are done with companions. When you start dating a gorgeous bride from France, expect that going out in a group is a common thing.

French Brides Are Sporty

All women want to look beautiful, healthy, attractive, and French girls are similar to this. Ladies from other countries are mostly trying different diets or suspicious medications, but local women can’t restrict themselves from national cuisine. So French mail-order brides concentrate more on different kinds of workout or simple jogging. More than half of the girls in this country are doing physical exercises on a regular basis. During warm seasons French girls like to do mountain hiking. After marriage, many wives and husbands play tennis together. So, it is wise to marry a fit french girl, and she will be a great wife.

About Dating a French Woman

After learning about gorgeous French mail-order brides, you should prepare for a possible romantic date. Girls are very choosy, but if you know what to do and what to avoid, you can become a couple. Remember that all brides are different, but they have something in common, girls wishing to find a man who will become a husband. Building a relationship is not an easy task, but if a wish for meeting a future wife is strong, you should overcome your fears.

French Mail Order Brides

Dating a French Woman Is Easy

As it was said above, French mail order brides are very self-sufficient. Don’t try to over impress those women from France on your first date. Local brides know what they want from the future husband, so a man who all the time advertising himself may loo suspicious. And let’s be honest, no-one wants to have a selfish wife or husband as a marriage partner.

Try to listen to women on the first date more attentively. Most importantly, not many boys know how to really listen. French girls want to be taken seriously, so if you are planning to marry, then smiling and waving head in the agreement will not be enough. You need to hear what the French girl is saying.

Find topics with a common interest. It is quite easy with French girls, and they are honest and straightforward, so we will tell you the most important information on the first romantic date. Again, as was said before, local brides are mostly interested in marriage, family, career, and kids.


French brides for marriage can be easily found on different online dating sites. Mail order brides from this country are different by appearance but have something in common – they all want to create a family and have a nice husband. Matrimony life with a french woman is interesting. So don’t hesitate, contact the bride that attracts you and make her your future wife.