Main Features of Dutch Brides

Dutch women are famous. It is difficult to find a person who never heard about blonde girls from the Netherlands, a famous red-light district or coffee-shops of Amsterdam. Thousands of tourists every year visit this small kingdom to legally try something forbidden to gaze at lecherously dressed women, or just to have fun. But most of the visitors who spend in the Netherlands a longer period of time, surprisingly, find out that all those iconic places and attractions function only for tourists. Locals and especially Dutch brides are not interested in the above-mentioned things at all. They live differently and have a unique mentality, the same as priorities.

Dutch mail order brides continue staying mysterious for the internet community. Despite a huge and still growing popularity of dating sites, ladies from the Netherlands are a rare guest in online matrimonial services. Maybe it is caused by a small population, but most of the men who have Dutch women as wives name other reasons. And below, we collected the main features of hot Dutch girls that make them stand out of all European women.

Dutch Mail Order Brides Are Sporty

Dutch women are sporty. Almost all citizens of the Netherlands doing some physical activities or sport from early childhood and throughout all life. Of course, a hot Dutch woman is not an exception. For many foreigners, such obsession with fitness is similar to some kind of religion or ideology. Even if physical exercises were never obligatory nor official, but after dozens of years of practicing, it has become part of the mentality. So no wonder that local women are considered as the most athletic in the whole of Europe, or probably even the world.

If you ever have been to this nice country, you surely noticed millions of bicycles. Bicyclists have their own roads and are often prioritized over pedestrians and car drivers. Thanks to such a lifestyle, typical Dutch brides are tall with long sexy legs and firm butt. Local girls also like to go jogging, football, tennis, swimming, and many others.

Dutch brides

Dutch Women Are Approachable

Dutch brides are extremely sociable. After mentioned above sport, communicating with other people is the second most favorite activity among locals. They often meet with friends in cafes, communicate on different topics, and meet new people. During those meetings, girls from Nederlands don’t ask too personal questions and don’t answer on similar. It is important, because if you are invited to such a friendly gathering, always remember about this feature.

With the growing popularity of dating sites, more local ladies are trying to find their love online. But, it should be mentioned that the number of local girls who are using different matrimonial services is quite small. So if you are searching for a wife, and prefer approachable, tall and sexy Dutch women then:

  • read this review;
  • find attractive Dutch bide on our site;
  • send her a message to start the communication.

And be sure, Dutch brides are almost fluent in English and have a good education, so interesting conversations are guaranteed in most cases.

Dutch Brides Are Natural

Local girls prefer to have a natural appearance. You will never see a typical local girl wearing bright and heavy make-up. The exception is possible if it is a Halloween-party or if a woman has citizenship but isn’t ethnically Dutch. A similar situation is with hair color – it almost impossible to meet a girl in Netherland with toxic color. Usually, Dutch brides wear light make-up or don’t use any at all.

Requirements for shoes and clothes are only one – they must be comfortable and casual. No expensive brands or shiny attire – it too pretentious and goes against mentality and traditions. As any women on our planet, a Dutch mail order bride can have dozens of shoes but nothing with high heels – it’s uncomfortable. By the way,  when you will visit Netherland and see a girl on high heels, you can be 99% certain that she is the same foreigner like you. So if you like natural looking girls – Dutch women are a top choice.

Dutch brides

Dutch Mail Order Brides Are Independent

Dutch women are very emancipated. The Netherlands is a country of equal opportunities for both genders, so there are no such terms as “woman’s job” or “men’s job” (of course some professions are predominantly women’s or men’s, but it is not regulated by traditions, it is one’s personal choice). Dutch brides often drive huge trucks, serve in police or army, and even operate their own carpentry or car workshops. Local girls are tall and strong, so it is common to see them carrying heavy things.

Thanks to a good level of education and a prosperous economy of this small kingdom, Dutch women are financially independent. Thus when you find a gorgeous mail order bride from the Netherlands, she is certainly dating you not because of your money but because of love.

Dutch Women Are Family-Oriented

Surprisingly for many, even though Dutch women are highly emancipated and independent, they are very family-oriented. The majority of Dutch wives resign from work after giving birth to a kid. They do so for full concentration on the family.

In many western countries, it is common to hire babysitters, but not in the Netherlands. Dutch women want to raise kids by themselves and think that it is unacceptable to let some stranger take care of your child.

About Getting a Relationship with Dutch Women

Now, when you learned about the most important traits of hot Dutch girls, it will be much easier to establish a good relationship. And the next phase is, of course, finding a nice woman. Nowadays, in the time when you can travel from one part of the planet to another in a few hours, or contact with someone from another place immediately, this task is not too difficult. But most common are two ways.

Dutch brides

The Classic Way

This method was used for thousands of years. You met an attractive girl,  talk to her, organized few dates (or many, who knows), check if your personalities fit each other, marry her. Of course, this is oversimplified, and also you know it by yourself. But using this method to meet a Dutch bride is not very efficient.

  • First of all, you will need free time to travel to the Netherlands. And there is no guarantee that your vacation will be enough.
  • The second resource is money. If you are not living in Europe, a ticket will not be cheap. Add to it the cost of staying in a hotel, expenses for food, visiting different places, attending events, and you will get a pretty big amount of money you must have. Don’t forget about the fact that the Netherlands is a very developed country (synonymous to high prices), and extremely popular with tourists (also not making local prices cheaper).

Of course, the classic way of finding a local lady is romantic and adventurous. But risky and require a huge amount of time combined with money.

Dating a Dutch Woman Online

The second way of finding a future wife among Dutch brides is much easier and productive. Requirements for time and money are lower as well. Below we listed a few advantages of dating a Dutch woman from the Netherlands.

  • It is simple. Register on a dating website, check girls’ profiles (you can also filter girls by age, location, etc.), choose preferred lady, and start a conversation.
  • It is convenient. You just need a smartphone or laptop. If there is an internet connection, you can text or video chat with Dutch bride anytime and anywhere.
  • It is almost free—no need to spend money on restaurants, flight tickets, hotels, and other stuff.
  • It is effective. Persons on dating sites know what they want. So you will not waste your time on a girl who is not even interested in dating. Also, hobbies, occupation, photos, preferences are available in the profile, which makes the decisions more accurate.  Even in case of mistake or disappointment from a relationship, you can easily stop the correspondence.

Certainly, there are many other benefits of online dating sites and services, but the above ones are most crucial.


Dutch women are, without a doubt most underestimated European brides. They are sporty and approachable, family-oriented and independent, natural, and beautiful. All those traits make them very promising wives.