Dos and Don’ts of Dating a Russian Woman

If you’re an admirer of beautiful Russian women but haven’t found the one for yourself, this article is for you. Discover essential information about what you should and shouldn’t do to win the heart of a Russian lady.

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Dos of Dating a Russian Woman

These are the most important things that you should do to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with a Russian girl.

Show Your Love

Russian women adore men who can not only tell about their feelings but also show it. They like men of action. So if you want your Russian bride to love and appreciate you, even more, don’t forget to show your love to her. Demonstrate how loving and caring you can be, and she’ll melt into your loving arms. Here are some ideas to show your deep feelings :

  • Send a gift
  • Order food delivery
  • Compliment her looks
  • Make romantic dinner

Such sweet details will show more than any other words.

Dos And Dont’s Of Dating A Russian Woman

Tell Compliments

It’s an addition to the previous paragraph, but this tip deserves a separate one. The thing is, Russian women, enjoy being complimented very much. A Russian girl will be on cloud nine when her man compliments her appearance, praises her activity and career. So don’t forget to genuinely tell her sweet things and her heart will flutter.

Be Confident

Russian brides have a thing for confident men. But not too much, of course, no need to be arrogant. It’s about being open to everything, ready to lead your relationship to a bright future and being secure about everything tomorrow brings. When you know what you’re doing your Russian lady will be happy to stay by your side and support you always.

Be Sincere

Be honest and straightforward about everything, because Russian brides don’t like beating around the bush. When you have feelings for her – tell and be happy, when you’re ready for marriage and commitment – you know what to do. So don’t delay your mutual happiness, A Russian woman will appreciate your feelings and sincerity.

Be Respectful

There are some things that mean a lot for Russian ladies: family, friends, self-development and love, of course. So it’s important that you share her values about these things and show your respect. Connect with her parents and friends, encourage her to broaden the horizons and share her views for love and marriage. What’s more, Russian traditions and customs also deserve your observance. To impress your Russian lady you could learn some information about their culture, or even memorize a few words in Russian. She won’t remain indifferent, that’s for sure.

Take Care of Your Look

It’s a pleasure to be beside a beautiful girl in good shape and stylish clothes, isn’t it? Same works for men. A Russian girl will adore you even more if you take good care of the way you look, including a hairstyle, wardrobe, and perfume. At first, you can do it yourself to impress her, and when you’ll be happily married she’ll be glad to help you choose clothes and accessories.

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Don’ts of Dating a Russian Woman

Now it’s time to clear up the things you shouldn’t do in a relationship with a Russian girl in order not to scare her off.

Don’t Lie

Russian women are very strict about liars. So don’t start your relationship with any kind of lies or hiding. Don’t lie about your age, nationality or activity, because these things are basic and the truth will come out sooner or later. It could spoil your relationship because Russian brides are very serious when it comes to trust. So be yourself and your Russian woman will love you no matter what.

Don’t Show Off

Even though Russian ladies like confident men, no one likes it when confidence becomes arrogance and narcissism. So don’t concentrate only on yourself during a conversation, instead, ask about her hobbies, preferences, habits or activity. Sure, you should tell something about yourself too, but you shouldn’t speak about how great and handsome you are non-stop. Being yourself will be enough to charm your Russian mail-order bride and make her fall for you.

Don’t Be Boring

If your job or studies take all the time of your schedule, it might seem too boring for a Russian lady. They work and study a lot too, but they’re always must be time to relax and have fun. Encourage her to do it together and motivate each other to enjoy life and have fun. Plan interesting trips together, or any other kind of leisure. Show your interest in trying new things you’ll inspire each other every day.

All in all, following these guidelines, is all you need to conquer the heart of your beloved Russian lady and build a happy long-lasting relationship. So don’t blow your chance for true love and understanding, and charm your Russian girl with the help of these tips.

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