What to Know About Charming Albanian Brides

Albanian women are extremely attractive and live in a small country on the Balkan peninsula. Many people who are not very good at geography find it difficult to point to the state’s location on the map. The country is peaceful, so there are not many articles or mentions in news media.

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But warm Adriatic sea, beaches with white sand, beautiful mountain landscapes and interesting historical places attract more and more tourists every year. And with the growth of tourism popularity, stories about amazing Albanian brides are spreading all over the world. This is not surprising because local girls combine two different and very important traits for nowadays women – to be modern and traditional at the same time.

Albanian Women are Unwavering

Only a few hundreds of years ago, the life of girls in Albania was extremely difficult. In most of the families, the woman was equated to the personal belongings of a husband. Albanian brides were not allowed to own or operate the property,  to occupy government positions or any other “men’s” jobs. Girls were not allowed to visit restaurants or bars. And widow without a son could not inherit anything after the death of the husband. Only what she could do is to return to her parents or become a servant in the former husband’s family house.

This story sounds especially unbelievable when you see Albanian mail order bride today. Because modern local girls can serve as a politician or soldier, be doctor or business lady, can own property, and travel all over the world. So such a dark past made Albanian women more unwavering and strong.

Albanian Brides

Albanian Brides are Traditional

Albanian brides are very respectful of traditional family values. It is caused by an upbringing in a quite conservative society. Most of the population in this small country believes in the superiority of orthodox gender roles between spouses. By the way, it is one of the main reasons why men from the western world (where traditional gender roles are not in favor anymore) want to marry Albanian women.

Another quality that can attract you is Balkan women’s homemaking skills. When you enter a house that is managed by a local lady, you seem to teleport in the kingdom of coziness and family harmony. All the rooms are shining clean and in order.

Albanian girls know how to cook tasty dishes. And it is not a surprise because they start learning and practicing from an early age, by helping mothers and elder sisters. It must be mentioned that local cuisine is very delicious and unique. Some say that it is resulted by combining Turkish, Greek, Italian, and Balkan meals.

One more interesting fact is that Albanian brides are not “spoiled” by modern civilization. Unlike many girls from highly developed western countries who have a huge list of demands for potential boyfriend or husband (from luxury car to a huge house), local girls are more concerned about the personality of man and love in the couple. In general, their demands are more realistic and less focused on financial aspects.

Marriage is very important, too, for girls from Albania. If you would ask them about the main goal in life, they will answer – to become a good wife and mother.

Albanian Mail Order Brides are Modern

Albanian women have changed drastically in the last decade. No, as it was written above, they still respect traditional family values and gender roles. But at the same time use all the opportunities available nowadays to grow personally and make the life of the family more comfortable.

  • First of all, they are hungry for knowledge and education. For many centuries, typical Albanian brides were deprived of a chance to study and get a degree. And of course, now they are catching up missed options;
  • with opportunities came responsibilities not only for the family but for the whole country. And Albanian women bravely took on new duties. For the last two decades, females in this country were professors, lawyers, politicians, and ministers. The most epochal fact is that the last two Albanian Defense Ministers were women;
  • many girls from this Balkan country studying abroad, traveling, meet new people of different cultures and religions. Thanks to the internet, a lot of ladies see how big and diverse our world is.  And they want even bigger changes. And to see Albanian women dating foreigners is not something special nowadays. That is why you can find a great number of gorgeous Albanian mail order brides on dating sites.

It must be mentioned that kids study English from junior school, so every  Albanian mail order bride can speak and understand it.

Albanian Brides

Albanian Girls are Smoking Hot

Albanian women are very beautiful and very diverse. The majority of those who live in coastal areas and big cities have dark brown hair, while girls from mountain regions have black. A similar situation is with the color of the eyes. In rural parts of the country, eyes are mostly darker than in big towns and seaside places. All Albanians have tanned smooth skin, thanks to the Mediterranean climate and numerous sunny days. Facial features are graceful, and the eyes are so seductive that you can be stunned at the first meeting. As well as other Balcan brides, local girls are long-legged and tall. Add to this, sexy curves and sense of style, and you will immediately understand why mail order brides from Albania often considered as the most attractive European females.

Actually, you can check the accuracy of those words by looking at the pictures of irresistible brides on our website. Many girls that you can find at online dating services have big albums with different seductive photos.

What Qualities Albanian Brides Prefer in Men?

Now when you know what to expect from a typical Albanian bride, it would be useful to learn a few things about what qualities she likes in men. Local girls are not choosy persons, so the list is a little bit short. But we think it is another positive feature of Albanian women:

  • girls like to be entertained. You don’t need to be a comedian, but if you know a couple of jokes, it will benefit you. By the way, there are tons of funny stories on the internet;
  • ladies from Balcan countries like intelligent guys. There is a popular belief among Albanian girls that smart men are more faithful, so your chances are very high;
  • they want to be supported. Women have more duties and responsibilities than they ever had throughout history. Add to this bad and disturbing news from every corner, and you will see why they wand some psychological support from the beloved man;
  • they want to be helped. First of all, it regards women who are working and building a career. Some occasional help with housework will be appreciated;
  • show your love by celebrating her achievements. It can be anything, a small gift or dinner at the restaurant.

Of course, if you don’t have all those qualities, it is not bad because there are thousands of brides who are looking for some different traits. Just never give up, and you will surely meet your Albanian mail order bride.

Albanian Brides

Dating Albanian Women Is Easy

Dating Albanian women are easy but even easier, is to date mail order brides online. Girls on dating sites are eager to find love and create a family. And what is even more important is that they prefer foreigners like you. Add to this a great choice of numerous beautiful brides that have their profiles on dating sites, and you will get a perfect tool for searching for a future wife.

We almost forgot about the convenience and accessibility of dating sites. It takes a similar effort to text your colleague from work or correspond with an interesting Albanian woman that is living thousands of miles away. More important can be time flexibility; you can be chatting anytime you have a free minute and access to the internet. No need to plan weeks in advance to go for a simple date, just don’t forget to charge your smartphone.


Albanian women are a great representative of Mediterranean beauties. They are modern but still preserve respect for traditional family values. Homemaking and cooking skills combined with obedient personality make local girls perfect candidates on the role of wife. Brides from Albania wants to meet a nice foreigner and marry him.