What You Didn’t Know About Turkish Brides

Without a doubt, you heard about Turkey – a country that lies on the crossroad of the greatest civilizations in our history. The countries washed by three seas, there is the land of tall mountains and cozy valleys, beautiful beaches, and old forests. The homeland of the tastiest cuisine and most hospitable people. The place where archeologists are making incredible discoveries every single year. Maybe, you too already have been here. But the greatest treasure and biggest mystery of this marvelous land are Turkish brides.

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Turkish Girls Are Beautiful

Turkish mail order brides are very diverse, and the same applies to their appearance. Depending on the part of the country girl is from, her look will differ.

Typically, the brides from eastern provinces have exceptional beauty – long, curly hair, that shiny on the sun and are silky by touch. The eyes are light-brown or black. And they have the most eye-catching smile that you will ever see, and it is so sincere, you would like to marry immediately. Turkish Muslim brides are medium height but have such an alluring sexy body that even jilbab(if they wear it) can’t hide it.

Turkish girls from the western provinces look slightly different. They are a bit taller and leaner, but still with eye-pleasing body curves. You also can see a lot of blondes, with eyes as green as a sapphire gemstone. They have a medium size pink lips and beautiful white skin.

Dating web sites provide photos of Turkish mail order bride, including portraits and full-height images. So depending on tastes and personal preferences, you can choose a girl with whom to start correspondence.

Turkish Brides

Turkish Women For Marriage Are Pure

The society is changing, with every year it becomes more and more westernized. You can hear it in music, see it in American-alike tv programs and serials, the booming popularity of body tattoos, behavior and of course clothes that Turkish girls wear. But one thing is still the same as a hundred years ago – a tradition that the bride must be pure before marriage.

It may sound strange for European or American, but Turkish women are very serious about saving virginity for a future husband. And this is one of many reasons why foreigners are so fond of Turkish Muslim brides. In case you are disgusted with loose sexual moral girls that are so popular in western societies, choose a pure and innocent girl from this beautiful land of Turks.

Turkish Brides and Family Values

Many people who have friends among Turks sooner or later noticing an interesting trait in their behavior. And the thing is that outside the house, they are very modern and open-minded people. But when Turks return home, they transform into very traditional persons with a nice but slightly old-fashioned attitude. And of course, they upbringing kids, especially young Turkish girls, with huge respect for traditional family values.

Thereby, Turkish women are family-oriented and highly respectful of traditional gender roles. Which means, a wife is the one who takes care of children and household, and the husband is making money and providing everything else. If you share similar principles and values then check dating websites, there are many Turkish women for marriage.

Turkish Women Are Possessive

There is one more feature about Turks that, this time, surprises most people from the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and other mainly Islamic regions. As you probably know, male followers of this religion can have up to four wives – of course, if they can financially afford such a number of dependent women. But, Turks have only one, even though the majority are also Muslims. So what makes them so different from others, at some point, similar nations?

And the answer is Turkish women. These beautiful and charming ladies are extremely possessive. Their men must be only their and no one else’s. There is no place for a hypothetical second wife, not even talking about the third or fourth one.

So if you would like to connect you live with Turkish mail order bride be ready to love only her. Even light flirt with other women will make your bride very jealous.

Turkish Brides

Turkish Brides Are Extraordinary Homemakers

Turkish brides are obsessed with order and cleanliness in the house. And there are reasons for this feature as well:

  • Married Turkish women, always ready for the visit of strict mother-in-law, who comes without notice, to check the wellbeing of her son in a new family. And if that mother-in-law will find that something (in her opinion) is wrong, there will be a scandal. The number of things that may be wrong (in mother-in-law’s opinion) is uncountable but most common are the following ones:
  1. dishes are not tasty enough;
  2. some dust on the shelf;
  3. clothes not perfectly ironed;
  4. mirrors, not ideally clean;
  5. stuff lying in the wrong places and so on.
  • Turkish women are quite competitive with each other. They always compare whose house is cleaner, whose kids more tidy looking and many other things.

But even if a mother-in-law is a nice and cheerful person and there is no competition with friends, Turkish women will still be the best homemakers in the world. Maybe, because of upbringing and traditions. Yet there is a popular scientifically unconfirmed version, that local brides have “house managing” gene in DNA that other brides don’t have.

Probably, Turkish women also have an “interior designer” gene because it is difficult to find a more cozy, stylish, and comfortable house than the one managed by the Turkish bride.

turkish bride

What Qualities Do Turkish Brides Have?

Surprisingly, but when we talk about characteristics that Turkish girls are looking for in a future partner, we need to specify what kind of relationship they are planning to have. And it is very important because the requirements for a boyfriend and future husband are mostly the same, but priorities are quite different. A good example is a financial stability. Because this quality is almost never on the top of “requirement list” for boyfriend, but always in top three for a future husband. So, next below are qualities that Turkish women prefer in a future husband.


For long term relationships, loving man is extremely important. Because there are always ups and downs in any marriage life, but only a loving husband can overcome difficulties and obstacles that appear from time to time. Turkish brides believe that men who fake their feelings are not trustworthy and will destroy matrimony.


Male’s independence is a very attractive and promising trait for Turkish women. Often it is perceived as a synonym to a mature man who knows what he wants and can overcome small distracting desires for a greater result.

And of course, financial independence and self-sufficiency are considered by Turkish brides as male’s “must-have”  features. Without those traits, it’s very difficult and sometimes almost impossible to build a strong and happy family, especially in our extremely materialistic time.


It’s doesn’t matter how strong mentally are Turkish brides. There are always hurt times when any girl needs attention and support from a beloved man. Obviously, Turkish brides are looking for a partner who will not ignore or push them away in some difficult period of life. Also, by being supportive, men are making their brides more confident and calm. Turkish women worry less if they know that in any awkward and uneasy situation, there is someone who will hear and encourage them.


Turkish women, like any other person, don’t like it when someone acts disrespectful or rude towards them. But it much more painful if their own husband behaves that way. So, if you are respectful and well mannered, your chances to find Turkish women for marriage will increase significantly.

Loyalty and Faithfulness

Turkish women believe that man’s loyalty is one of the most important conditions for a long and happy marriage. Unfaithful husbands not only ruining families but giving a bad example for kids. Therefore the best way to impress Turkish mail order bride – be loyal.


Without a doubt, Turkish women are ideal candidates for the creation of a strong family. They are beautiful, sexy, pure, family-oriented girls that respect traditions and family values. All those good features make Turkish girls stand out from other mail order brides that you can find on the dating sites.